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Vanessa McPhee

Managing Director

Vanessa McPhee is an accomplished senior executive, strategist guru and consultant with over 30 years’ experience in strategic, organic organizational growth, and general management, primarily in the technology arena across multiple industries.  Her background includes both Fortune 100 companies (including Barclays Bank, Vodafone Group, News Corp, and AT&T) and small to medium sized, privately owned, enterprises in industry verticals such as software and services, outsourcing and nearshore operations, telecommunications, media, and banking. She has held a number of executive positions including CSMO and CRO with SMBs.  She focusses on guiding organizations to adopt a market focused, competitive strategy for long-term, profitable, scalable, and sustainable growth.

Vanessa’s expertise includes revenue and market share growth strategies (planning and execution), turnarounds, leadership and organization transformation, maximizing revenue profitably, P&L performance, brand identity, customer experience, process improvement, market landscape research & data analysis, cost containment & operational efficiency, change management, and healthy organizational culture evolution.


Vanessa provides a visionary focus on intentional culture, shared purpose and values, a compelling vision and mission, and an attainable strategy with clear measurable goals. She is skilled at developing engaged, high performing teams, and at defining and executing strategic solutions that create exceptional customer value and experience. She drives brand identity to improve the customer experience, create loyalty, increase market share, and protect revenue.

Vanessa began her professional career in technology (including hands-on software development, project management, and business analysis), before she transitioned into business roles including marketing, sales, and general management, leading to her current focus on strategic growth.

During 11 years in Latin America, she focused on the outsourcing and GIC/GCC (global in-house/capability centers) arena where she managed IT service delivery companies, as well as advising US organizations on corporate strategy for BPO’s and ITO’s in Latin America.

Vanessa was born and raised in Kenya. She has worked on all five continents, and since leaving Nairobi has lived in Johannesburg and Durban, London, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and San Jose (Costa Rica), and Houston, Texas before moving to the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

Vanessa earned her MBA (focus on finance and strategy) from the University of Manchester in the UK, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and speaks conversational Spanish.


Vanessa McPhee
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