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Preston Bornman

Managing Director

Preston Bornman is a management consultant and has served as President, CMO, CRO, and COO of numerous businesses across an array of business segments including energy, broadcast media, and technology. He has a forté for corporate strategy, business development, and execution across multiple industry segments. His skills range across numerous aspects of business including operations, mergers and acquisitions, business development, fund raising, information technology, marketing, PR, team building, market uplifting, as well as corporate finance.

Prior to management consulting, he was CMO and CRO of a defense contractor and president and COO of Nautilus Energy. He was also president and CMO of a multimedia broadcast and cable sports network from 2000-2012. Preston has extensive operational and leadership experience as a C-level executive or managing consultant in upstream and midstream oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, aerospace, AI/machine-vision technology, branding, marketing, sales, agricultural technology, and ESG. Preston is a board member and creator of the brand for Vanquish Carbon Advisors which is a carbon offset project developer.

The first segment of Preston’s career was focused in upstream exploration and development. He has worked and found oil and gas in many U.S basins and five continents. He received his B.A. degree in geology and anthropology from Southern Methodist University. He has three Aggie graduate daughters, two female yellow labs, and one smart wife.


Preston Bornman
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